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About Us


Here at Willow's Leads we are a small, friendly pack of siberian huskies.

We are looked after by Sarah and Jack, who enjoy taking us out for a run in the cold weather.


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Sarah has owned huskies for about 14 years, when she brought home her first 2 siberians Loki and Willow.

18 months later Thor joined them and started working with the dogs for fun.

It was through the sport she met Jack and their pack grew.

Sarah works as a housekeeper for a holiday village and in her spare time makes Willow's leads and collars.



Jack got his first siberian husky named Star, home 12 years ago.

He then found out the fun side of working his dogs, and so went across to America to compete in the Green River Classic, Pinedale and has since then imported two huskies from America and one from Germany

He works for a leasing company during the day to pay for their expensive hobby!


           VAT Registration Number: 326 5087 02